Learning The Basic Of Assembling PCB

Printed Circuit Board or PCB is the heart of every electronic device  as your device will not function without the PCB. This was a tedious work beforehand as wirings were just connected from one end to the other. An advanced kind of electronic assembling is the wire wrapping. It literally means that wires are wrapped from one post to the other. But as time changes and there are advancements on how electronics work, PCB was born.

As electronics became more common and people used them every day, a lot of electronics producers are looking for solutions on how to make electronic products more advanced in today’s generation where everything is working in a fast paced environment. The solution made is advancing into PCB.

Knowing All About PCB

This circuit board has pads and lines that will connect different points all at the same time. This allows the power and the signals to scatter in between the device. It uses solder for an adhesive. The circuit lines and pads are interconnected from one point to the other.


A printed circuit board looks like a board full of layers. They are arranged properly and have different purposes. These are layered and laminated with the use of adhesive and heat, This is why it can be seen as one single board. Usually the kind of material that is used on the base is fiberglass material. Thin copper foil is the layer next to that. This is covered with board  by using heat and adhesive. There are double PCB’s and the kind of material that is used is copper, which is applied to both sides. The topmost layer is copper foil which is commonly called the solder mask layer. This gives things a green color. This is covered by the copper layer in order to protect the traces of the copper from contacts to the other solder and metal. This also helps to solder into the right position. The topmost layer is put on the upper part of the solder mask layer. For easier assembly there are indicators to help people understand. Silkscreen labels are used in order to label the boards and know the job of each pin. White silkscreen is the most commonly used color, but any color can be used as well. All boards used have different kinds of colors. These are what all PCB companies use.

It is always good to learn the basic of how PCB are made of and of how electronics are connected in these PCBs. Troubleshooting PCB cannot be too hard if you know the origin of it. But you need to troubleshoot these to the experts and service centers for most of these devices.